Auto-outline, layer setting

This one is pretty simple, since it exists in other software as an example,

Basically a layer setting that automatically adds an outline as an effect. (single pixel, unlike above).

I’d love to see an outline setting that lets you set the thickness.

The current outline option isn’t often useful because it’s destructive. Automatic, non-destructive outlines like this enable some cool time-saving techniques too.

Really, layer styles and modes in general would be great to have. Outlines, alpha locking as a layer property so it can be mixed with other inks, glows, drop shadows…

To me, the big thing with auto outlines is that it would remove the guesswork when drawing flats, since it would show you exactly how “thick” the sprite is with outlines rather than guessing. Since drawing with lines is usually a bit messy or requires cleanup.


Currently you can press Shift+O to preview outline. But it is not really friendly as you will have to switch to right color each time.