Auto Select layer/Move Tool (Quick) not working while marquee tool is selected

Aseprite allows me to quickly swaps between move tool and other tool holding ctrl, it works with almost all tools but not if you are using the marquee tool, like the magic wand tool for example, it just wont allow me to swap to move tool using the quick mode(by holding ctrl or other key depending on your shortcut configuration). I dont really understand why this feature was made this way, and I guess its not a bug, so it would be handful if the auto select layer/move tool(quick) could work while any of the marquee tools are selected.

The reason for this is that “copy selection” (I.E. when you hold Ctrl and drag a selection it will copy the contents) overwrites the quick move keybind.

Go into keybinds and remove the bind Action Modifiers -> Translating Selection: Copy Selection and it will work.


Yes you are right indeed, haha thank you again.

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