Automated Transition of Color Shades

Hi all, I am still learning aseprite about a month or so in, and one thing that has perplexed me is when I look at some quality game pixel art (example below), notice the amount of different shades/colors in the vertical transition.

Do artists just do this manually by changing color for each line, or is there a automated way (brush technique) to do a gradual transition like that?

I know there is the option to use gradient but it doesn’t quite yield the same results.

This is typically done with gradients rather than manually. Aseprite’s gradient tool is on the same button in the toolbar as the Paint Bucket tool (default shortcut for Gradient: Shift+G).

In RGB mode, it’ll give you a smooth transition with lots of new colours between your foreground and background colours. In Indexed mode, it’ll use only the colours from your palette.

In some pixel art (not in your example), the results are manually cleaned up (or custom gradients are used) to use fewer colours and/and have better colour relationships (straight two-colour gradients tend to look a little dull).

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