Autotile strange behavior

so i was using autotile and i notice that , always when using the autotile the first tile you draw with one stroke and the second tile is created by the second stroke inside the same position in the grid, and then after that it doest do that, i create draw another stoke inside a grid square and when i do a second stroke it continue drawing the same tile
it a strange behaviour

It is hard to understand what you mean. Please, write it down by the steps i.e. create new Tilemap, select pencil, draw with any color inside single grid cell, what happens… etc.

create a tileset layer > select size of the tiles and match with your grid size > make sure to select the autotile mode > select the pencil and draw inside one of the grid squares one stroke , them draw inside the same square. this will result in two different tiles for some reason, and them when you try to do the same again in another square ofthe grid it will not do that, it does only in the first time you select autotile for some reason.

I have only one tile created. I hope you don’t mean that second is tile #0 which is “no tile” tile.

what it doest hapen anymore? strange, it was happening ysterday on the tileset that i was working for he past few days.

ill update if i find the bug again