Auxiliar top/bottom palett

Hello Aseprite team and fellows.

It’s been a while since i started using Aseprite with a two screen setup and a pen table, it would work perfectly if it weren’t for the color palett and color selector to be locked at the left side. The issue in particular is that i use the right screen as my canvas and left screen for color and timeline, going back to the color palett each time is inconvenient since it is at the farthest part of my left screen.

For this particular scenario it would be enough if we had options to enable mirror paletts at the top and/or bottom of the canvas space, but any additional layout customization is welcome.

A feature like that can even allow the color palett and color selection components to be hidden at will when colors are completely established.

Unfortunately new users can only upload one image per post and i was forced to cluster everything into a single piece. That’s the setup i use (black/blue split being the screen division) and the small quality of life suggestion.

Thanks for making such a great pixel art tool, Hillgarm.