Average Color of a selected area

Hello, is there a tool that allows one to select an area and get the average color of all the pixels in that area?

Hi George, and welcome aboard.

I’m not aware of a built-in tool. A tool can be created with a Lua script, though, if you have a coding background.

The above screen cap is from a repo of scripts I maintain here. Aseprite version 1.3-rc2, currently in beta, is required to run them. [Edit: I should add that it doesn’t recognize reference layers, if that’s what you want to sample.]

Note that it’s not as common for people to agree on how such a tool would work as you’d first imagine. Suppose for example you select a red dot #FF0000 and a green dot #00FF00, each of equal size. You might expect, if you ran the math, that the average color between the two would be #808000, since (255 + 0) / 2 = 128. But that color doesn’t really match with how the color would look to some people if they blurred their vision. The tool pictured above would give #DFA000, because it averages the colors in a variant of LAB. There’s usually a compromise between computational cost and simulation of human perception.

If you have in mind other software that does include a color averaging tool, you could test red and green dots to see what result you get.

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