Background Art For Challenge 7

Challenge 7

I just can’t seem to get how to do BackGrounds, particularly when it comes to Foreground, Midrground and BackGround…they kinda overlap

From my understanding, the closer an object is, the brighter and more detailed it it is, the further away it is, the more dim and more likely to seep into the atmosphere and less detailed


There being a light source to deal with, confuses things


After finding this surprisingly simple video, I think I can understand how to do things more easily

Thing is, I don’t know what backgrounds I can make, in part because I am still doing a small size for the background and am not sure on how I’d add detail in such a small size even for the foreground

Any advice on what specifically i can do to correct my attempts at imitating?


Up to now, I’m still confused regarding the shading, especially when it comes to area

Take the image you want to examine and desaturate it. Focus on the shapes and shades of color for better understanding. Ask yourself the questions that would help you replicate that style such as: Where does the foreground begin and end? What makes this interesting? How does the light affect the ground? What patterns are there? What looks a bit too perfect? Where are the curves and the straights? And some trickier elements, Where is the horizon line and what perspective does it have?

You got this. The shading you did for yours is pretty good it is a bit flat because you simply need to push your values to get it looking interesting. This one is already greyscaled so try to start with examining this for inspiration.