Basic Rocks & Lighting

I tried imitating SLYNYRD’s stuff again, was able to get to tutorial 28-Rock, thing is, I am getting confused on how to do this, I’m not too good at imitating other’s stuff without tutorials

I am not sure how to check proper lighting, all I can say is that I am not sure if this shading from a light from top-left is correct

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he doesnt use hard lines most of the time, he uses soft edges, try that and you should come closer, he alsouses soft color gradients, and not many colors.

I really like the hard lines on background objects! It helps define the shape.

you said you wanted to imitate someones stuff, so you must go all the way, otherwise the exercise is pointless, first you replicate then you iterate.

Sorry for not replying for awhile

My problem atm is mainly learning from his stuff, for one what confuses me most is the lighting

I can understand lighting the basic shapes of sphere, cone, cube and pyramid

But when it comes to shapes that are more chaotic…not so sure and somehow feels dizzy

This pic is mostly just step 2, because I got too confused trying to follow