Beginner need a help

Hey guys!, im new here. I been wanting to be a pixel artist but i know it’s not a easy task. So first of all, i want to make a characters… do you guys have any suggestions like the canvas or tips and tricks for making characters? Need a little help for future too of course TQ!

These are my favorite pixel art tutorials: Pixel Art Tutorials - Saint11

Not Aseprite-specific, but awesome nonetheless.

There’s hundreds of suggestions I could give you, but since you’re just starting, I recommend finding a game whose graphics you’re really fond and study them. Analyze the colors, tweak the shading, make slight alterations to them; basically just tinker with them to better understand what makes them what they are.

Try this with other sprites as well. The more you do this, you’ll start noticing things you hadn’t seen before; that’ll lead you down a rabbit hole of pixel art research.

When you’re ready to make your own graphics from scratch, limit yourself to a small palette (NES-style limitations are a great start). This will emphasize the importance of each pixel you lay on the canvas.

Google on your own any questions you might have before asking here, otherwise you’ll be too dependent on others for advice. There’s lots of tutorials online you can follow, so make the most of reading/watching them. The more you can learn on your own, however, the better.

If you’re not having fun doing this or feel like you’re experiencing a ‘creator’s block’, take a short break from your work and come back with a fresh mind. It’s important you find fun in your work, so don’t get discouraged if you’re not feeling it; it happens to all of us.

Good luck on your new endeavor! :+1: