Best way to organize files

I’m having a really difficult time keeping track of all my files and is there any way to make it better organized, to open files and edit them.What do you do to keep it organized?

It would help if you described what kind of stuff you’re working on. You probably wouldn’t want to organize game assets like you’d organize random doodles xP

A good generic tip, though, is to make use of the fact that you can pin files and directories in the home tab. So if you use multiple directories, you can pin them for quicker access.

I give most of my stuff a project folder and sort them by project name. Say it was named My Project, I’d give all the files the prefix MP before the file name to make them better searchable. The ones that aren’t really a project go in a Sketches folder. Also the small/big icon view from Ase open menu is a good help finding stuff by the way it looks. (This thumbnail feature is new in the 1.3 beta).