Better multiple cels selection

I love Aseprite and this is why want to it be the best.

I consider this a usability flaw: when you Shift+Click on several cels one by one Aseprite currently selects only those cels that were clicked, but not range of cels (as generally awaited for lists).

It is generally common for many software to add items one by one by Ctrl+Click, not Shift+Click. And also remove by Ctrl+Click again. And Shift+Click should select whole range of cels between last touched cel and cel you Shift+Click on.

Could it be fixed this general way?

Also: I understand that maybe cels Shift+Click tries to mimic Shift+Click behaviour of Marquee tool. But Shift+Alt+Click does not deselect here. And cels are generally list/table of elements, not bitmap. So it would be better to implement Ctrl+Click instead. At least we need a way to select range of cels by only two clicks.

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i agree, it is also confusing in a sense that aseprite does show selection of a rectangle across multiple layers and cels, so it seems exactly like when the selection is made by click and drag, but the content is different.

while we’re at selecting and pasting cels, it kinda bothers me that frames are added automatically when pasting but not layers.

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Hi there, this was discussed several times in the past, just for reference I’ll copy the link to the main issue related to this that we might look in a future (anyway we have to see how to integrate all this with the touch version of Aseprite in a near future):

Wow, summer 2017, that was quite long ago.

My problem is that it was (and is) always hard to select long sequences of cels with Click+drag because scrolling works too fast. Especially when using Left or Right Position mode on single monitor.

For touch version I suggest tap to select single cel, swipe to select multiple cels, long hold for context menu (it should be so, isn’t it?) and, most importantly, hold after tap/swipe + shortly start more taps/swipes with extra finger to add extra cels to selected. And to select range a quick double tap ( → select → select range) may be used (again one may hold second tap and shortly begin additive selections). That would be just fine and mostly like holding Shift and Ctrl.

Also: Please, this usability fix does not need to wait for Selection Manager to be refactored.