Big Canvases and lags

I have a question regarding big canvases - when I work on something bigger, like 3000px and up (Right now I am working on something around 7000px[I know, I know, but it’s a big ass level art for a game]) Aseprite becomes a bit iffy about it and lags, you can mostly see it during zoom ins/outs. Is there a way to fix it in some way? Like make the app use more resources from PC or am I doomed in this regard?

Have a good one.

aseprite simply ist optimize for such stuff i dont know you may be doomed here brother, like even 4k dimensions are 3840 x 2160 pixel i dont have a clue why you would need that much pixels man, if i were oyu i would separete the level in some screens and do each screen, and then stich it all together on whatever engine you want

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