Bkd32 Color Palette


thank you so much! you are so kind

btw I was finish another study right now using my palette ^^

tbh I’m really glad to all support I was receive here. Thank you all



Dear @bakudas , your bkd32 palette motivated me to try again on my older sprites and do a scene using it. I really like it! It’s very bright and gives a scene a very live feel. So I decided to do a mock up! :smile:


WOAH! what a neat piece
thanks for sharing <3 I’m really glad about you feel motivated
nice job!


This palette is so cool, thanks for sharing bkd32 perfect for my chibi style. :kissing: :ok_hand:


Hey, the palette is awesome (even for a beginner like me). But I wonder - how do you get such a brown color? I dont see any like this in your palette (talking bout dark browns).


I want that game, please make this a reality!!


Thank you so much :slight_smile:


Woo! Street Fighter!


@bakudas So if you don’t mind could I edit this a bit and use it in my Mario fangame?


oh! sure you can! I’ll love to see your game
glad you liked