Bkd32 Color Palette


Recently I’ve crafted my own palette to general purpose and warm up process to begin my workflow.

I want to share with the community to improve that.


Here’s some artwork I’ve made with it

If you liked it you can now download here (included .ase, .gpl and .png)



This is a gorgeous palette and I love the range of different pieces you’ve done with it, wow!
My favorite so far would have to be either the island or the weapon set, they look amazing!

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Beautiful palette, thank you for sharing! :hugs:

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Thank you all! I edited the main post with the link to download the palette in some formats.

Here’s the timelapse of making of the weapon set


That is absolutely amazing to see!
I hope you don’t mind me asking, how long did it take you to make? I sent it to my friends and they were curious! I hope you don’t mind I shared, but really, you’re doing such lovely work with this palette.

The shading in the shield is mesmerising, I love it! Thank you for the time lapse, it helps a lot to see how artists develop their creations!

@Catbat often I spend something about 15~20min for each warmup session (weapon set, pult, lil island, etc)

@Karmylla thanks again I’ll post more artwork with this palette

some more bkd32 showoff:


That’s so amazing. I told them and they said you’re a “pixel machine” aha.

I love that little scene too, like it should be in a game! I’m very excited to see what else you produce with that palette!
I did just a tiny thing last night while I was chatting with some friends:

I was mindlessly doing this but also really interested in seeing what I could produce with the palette myself, so thank you for it, it’s really quite great.


Hi, what software are you using to create the time lapse animation?
is it just a screen recorder or something within aseprite?

hi @corstar
I used OBS to capture the screen and history states in aseprite to advance the progress
it’s a very basic setup

okay, i see.
I use kazam myself. but I’ve heard of OBS.

hahahahh, thanks

I really did this sketch!

Thanks for sharing. I think I’ll use for some warm up and practice.

Loving it already.

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thanks, @CaioSantos! <3

as one more sample here’s a sprite of a game I’m developing using my palette


plus one with bkd32 palette (:



timelapse of char select screen from game I’m working on… still wip but it’s entirely crafted with bkd32 ^^


Added to my palette collection, wonderful set of colors. Thank you for sharing <3

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I would love to see what you create please post here or drop me a line <3

Wow! Im loving it! I will try to create something using it later in the day :smiley:

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Honestly just created an account on here to say how much I love this palette (and what you’ve done with it), it’s so expressive.

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