Black background on exported png images

Hello everyone!

I’ve recently started using Aseprite, and I’m facing difficulties in resolving the issue described above. When creating any pixel art and exporting them as .PNG, the image background turns black. I’m unsure if I’m exporting it correctly, so I’ve taken some screenshots to demonstrate the step-by-step process.

P.S.: In case I am exporting it correctly, the most likely scenario is that the issue lies in the game code.

P.S: Unfortunately, I can only post one screenshot. Because of this, I will share just one more screenshot in the response below.

hi marcus. this seems like a case of transparency being lost when loading/rendering the image in game. if you open the exported png in aseprite and it has transparent background, then it was exported correctly.

Hello, Olga.

Yeah it seems that the issue is related to the rendering of the image in the game itself. When I open the .png image in Aseprite, it has a transparent background, exactly as it should be.

Thanks for your help.

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