Blend/Blur Tool

Hi, guy! Just got a job doing sprite art and was using Asesprite for a while but had to stop because they wanted more detailed sprite work and I tried to do more detailed work in Asesprite but I couldn’t get it as detailed as they wanted. So I had to stop using Asesprite, which makes me sad because it’s a great software! And had to switch to photoshop for sprite work. And basically the only thing photoshop does that Asesprite doesn’t when it comes to sprite work is that the blend/blur tool really helps when making more detailed work. So it would be really cool if you guys added a blend/blur tool that works similar to photoshops blend/blur tool. PLLEEEESE consenter it, I hate photoshop.

Hi @123Pickle, actually Aseprite has a blur tool:

It works in a similar way that the Photoshop one, anyway it generally is not a good choice for pixel-art (it might be useful for color mixing to create new color palettes).