Blurred images i need help for god sake i'm going uncanny

When I finish a drawing and save it in an image format (png, jpg or jpeg) the resulting image is blurry, I don’t understand why but it happens with any image format, I need help pls

Don’t use JPG/JPEG. Those are the same format and they will always degrade the quality of pixel art. PNG should be fine.

Where are you viewing the image that makes it blurry? My guess is the image is actually fine, but you’re viewing it enlarged. Most image viewers are not designed for pixel art, and will blur images when they scale them up, and this is much more noticeable on small, sharp images like pixel art tends to be. If you want to make sure your art remains sharp even when viewed large (e.g. on websites, in social media apps, or in most image viewers), you need to pre-upscale it yourself using Nearest Neighbor interpolation. Aseprite offers a scaling option in the Export dialog for this purpose.

In the future, please search the forum before starting a new thread. There have been a LOT of threads about this issue, and it’s pretty much always the same answer xP


use .png

then what is most likely happening, is you are viewing it in a program like Windows “Photos” app, and you are not viewing it at 100% , or it is resizing the image, so it appears blurry. But if it is saved as a .png, it is not blurry, just appears that way when you are viewing it in a program that is resizing it. If you open it with MSPaint for example it will not appear blurry.