Bottom and right borders disappear (v1.3-beta2-x64)

Bottom and right borders disappear when I switch between maximised and normal window modes on Windows 10. This unables me to conveniently read the values shown in the bottom part of the window when maximised. I am also not able to resize the window in normal mode using bottom and right borders.

Below are two screenshots showing the result of this bug.


Yes. After F11 pressed bottom and right borders dissapear and then never re-appear until next start of Aseprite.

Yeah I can confirm. On a multimonitor setup, you’ll see the missing border is on the left side of the right monitor.

I have two monitors. For me these borders dissapear completely. For all three modes: borderless, maximized and just normal window. And in all three modes the status line and painting tools become only partially visible.

Just like on @Laquin 's screenshot.

my just arent appering at all

also having this problem

Hi everyone! :wave: Sorry about this one, it’s a regression in v1.3-beta2, and we’ll try to release a fix ASAP (maybe today).


We’ve just released Aseprite v1.3-beta3 with a fix for this bug.

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is there somewere that i can see the changelog for the betas?

what theme do you have there?

You can see the changes to the beta of v1.3 in the Main Thread of Aseprite v1.3-beta1, or by going into the Release Notes in the website of Aseprite. It’s easier seeing the changelog in the website of Aseprite if you want to see all the patches though (both Betas and Full Releases).