Brush and grid fitting

I want my lines to be looking like the one above (4x4 pixels perfectly fitting the grid) but without having to go click by click. In other words, when I use my 4 pixel brush with my left mouse button pressed all the way, I want it to look like the line from vertice to vertice and not like the line below that.

why exacly? without, it seems prettty useless, i mean you could just use the bucket fill, or you could do your artwork in normaly and then just export 4x

Thanks, didn’t think about that, still, there is a 1000% limit, is there a way around this? Something online editor Piskel has a 32x render, can Aseprite go beyond that? Is there an option I am missing?

while export has 1000% limit, you can go to sprite → sprite size (shift+s) and set whatever scale you want. to be safe duplicate the sprite first.

if you going to do that always do a multiple of 4x if not its going to get distorted

Okay, thanks