Brush Preview doesn't follow Mouse Cursor (MacOS)

I’ve recently noticed the Brush preview sometimes gets stuck on the canvas and does not follow the mouse on MacOS with M1 Pro chip.

Here is a link to a screen recording:
Brush Preview doesn’t follow Mouse Cursor

Update: I’ve noticed this only happens when using my Logitech MX mouse. It does not appear to happen with the laptop trackpad.

Aseprite version: v1.3.2-arm64
MacOS: 14.2.1 (23C71)

I’m having a similar issue. sometimes the strokes will either “stick” to the pixel grid and either appear invisible or/and off-cursor until i release the left click and downright “ignore” some pixels. (1)

Keep in mind I only released the left mouse click between shapes. as you can see, sometimes the cursor won’t fill certain areas it passes through, sometimes twice.

I’m using a Logitech MX mouse too on the latest macOS, so it might indeed have something to do with that.

Don’t think I’ve experienced this before.

EDIT: The only solution I found was to reset my preferences.

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You’re a wizard!
That worked. Resetting the preferences. Thank you very much.

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Hi there! :wave: this bug is quite strange, taking note just in case, I think @Gasparoken has a logitech MX mouse to test but I’m not 100% sure.

I have created this issue: Brush preview/cursor stops following mouse cursor on macOS · Issue #4329 · aseprite/aseprite · GitHub

Anyway it looks like the window is losing the focus, is a third-party extension/driver handling the logitech mx input? (like a software to customize their buttons etc.)

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It could be! I am using the Logi Options+ app. Not sure of the inner workings of the app, so it could very well be accompanied by a driver

I just want to add, i’ve resetted the preferences, but the bug did come back after a while :slight_smile:

Hi @MrBeta. Do you have ‘Flow’ enabled in ‘Logi Options’? Could you share your ‘Logi Options’?

An user confirmed the issue is related with the the ‘Flow’ feature on ‘Logi Options’. But I want to be sure: Do you have the Flow feature enabled? If yes, turn it off. This seems like a Logitec software issue rather than a seprite issue.

This happens to me every time I use Aseprite, but I have no mouse or drivers that would cause it, and resetting preferences didn’t work. Now I have a borderline unusable aseprite with none of my settings and windows.