bug when I export transparent?

hi i have a problem when i try to export a file in Sheet .PNG

In the project, everything looks correct. But when I export it, there are colors that do not appear, in some frames if not in others, it is as if some colors were damaged.

It is not the first time that happens to me, another thing that happens when I have this problem, is that when I try to use the Eyedropper tool, when I set it according to what color, it does not detect it, it detects as if it were transparent when it is not.

Generally it takes me a while to realize this problem (it is not the first time it happens to me, but it may be that I have been drawing for a while and it is like I am spreading a “transparent color virus”. I have much of the project done with that "fake color "and although I can fix it in one way, I’m thinking that maybe it’s not a bug and can be fixed in a simple way without having to redraw things.

The way I use to fix it is to export it to gif, there the fake color does not affect, and then I put the gif project to export the Sheet .png and everything solved.

Issue? that even if I solve this like this, I can’t reuse that project for the future, and I usually do.

I hope it is something that I do not know and it is not a bug, thanks in advance to all.

(The project doesn’t really look like this, the colors are compatible and everything is fine. When exporting it in Gif it doesn’t happen to me, it only happens in Sheet.)

Which layers are you exporting? It looks like perhaps you’re only exporting one layer, when some of your frames have a lower layer that also makes up part of the image, while other frames have everything in one layer (perhaps because of some copy+pasting you did).

When you export as gif, you’re probably exporting all the layers, which is why you’re not seeing this problem there.