Bug with copying to a new project

version 1.2.6 x64

When I ctrl c then ctrl v a selection from one project and move it to another project if I don’t have the exact colors with their opacity in my palette it changes the colors in the new project. I don’t know if this is only a opacity issue or a color/opacity issue.

Here is a example I copy pasted the left image into a new project and it turned into the image on the right.


Hope this was helpful, maybe its just me but thought I would post it on here just to be sure.

Edit. Oh also I didn’t have multiple layers or anything just two colors with the darker color on a low opacity.

Hi @TheBeard, I think that you should convert your destination image into an RGB sprite (Sprite > Color Mode > RGB). At least it looks like you are expecting the kind of behavior that RGB sprites offer (sprites with colors that are independent from the palette).

Thanks I was making my projects in indexed for some reason didn’t even realize that haha. Thanks for the fast response much appreciated!

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