Buggy 90 degree rotation

Hey, first post on the forums, big fan of the program, it’s probably the best and most user friendly program I’ve used for pixel art.
I have however found one thing I consider a pretty major glitch.
When you mirror something horizontally or vertically you get a perfect copy of your art, but when you rotate it 90 degrees, which should also yield perfect symmetry, pixels move around, it’s really quite annoying. I tried it both with freehand rotation, freehand with shift held down. And the button for it in the menus.
Am I doing something wrong here? Because if this is just how it is, I really think it should be fixed.

Hi there @BoJustBo! Thanks for your kind words <3

About the rotation issue, just in case, check if at the top bar it says “Fast Rotation”:

I think this is related to this bug:


Yes that did it, many thanks.
I had a look at rotsprites wikipedia article to figure out what it was and it does look really useful, but perfect 90 degree rotation really should be locked down.