Builds for ARM Linux?

I have been using this application for a fair bit of time. Nothing too substantial (As I don’t always have the time to work on game related stuff, nor have I made much to begin with), but I would like to suggest (or maybe simply question the possibility of) builds for ARM based Linux devices such as the Raspberry Pi family or Android devices running a Linux distribution. I know that a mobile version has somewhat been considered for a long while, but I think being able to compile the program for ARM Linux would allow for a lot more flexibility on where I, and maybe certain others, could run it. I’m able to run application like Gimp and Blender straight from my phone while running Linux in a Terminal emulator or Samsung’s Linux on Dex Application (Both of which use VNC to display the GUI, by the way), and I would love to be able to do the same with Aseprite.

More ways and places I could use this tool would be amazing! Thanks for reading!

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Looks like you can run it from a raspberry pi. After that, it would be fairly the same process as debian/linux in the .

I have not tested this out though, actually getting ready to try it. (3b+)

Hi, everybody !

First I wan’t to say “Bravo” for this great soft !!!

I install Asperite (1.1.6 dev) on my raspberry Pi4.

With the defaults settings it’s very very sloooooowwwww…
I turn screen scaling from 200% to 100% and UI Elements scaling from 100% to 200%.

The old fashion look stay the same but this increase a lot usability…

Can you tell me the difference between this 2 scaling settings over the performances ?
Is it possible to increase performances even more ?

Is it possible to add a translation file like in the 1.3 ?
I try to put the files in \data\extension\ or \data\strings but all failed…

Thanks in advance.

Hello, i managed to compile and link aseprite for ARM linux. Work ok using OpenGL and 32bit Raspberry Pi 2, 3, 4 and 400. The skia laf backend makes the UI snappy and allows you to run the application in fullscreen with original cursor and screen scaling. Raspberry Pi version? - #4 by xranby