Buying Asperite

I tested Aseprite and I’m loving it! I’m still getting my way around it, but it is amazing. I want to create and RPG about a school student in a school where teachers want to riot, there is a ghost haunting and one of the students is a murderer :scream: so I want to buy it. But it would cost me 80,5PLN buying it on aseprite site and 72 PLN on Steam. Ye it’s like 2 bag of chips, but I really like my chips, especially since they introduced Cheddar flavoured one’s in my country.
The thing is that I hate launching my steam :roll_eyes: I always forget my password and stuff, gosh it takes ages for steam to launch, even tho my pc ain’t bad. So when I buy the Steam version, do I get the non-steam key aswell? Some games provide it too. Because I want to download standalone version and save my 8PLN! If I can’t I’m willing to spend those extra bucks, just asking to not do a stupid thing. And the diffirence is not the pricing but the bank fee for the currency exchange :roll_eyes:
Here is a little chibi BB artwork I did

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If you buy it on Steam, you can launch the executable even without Steam, it’s almost the same executable either way, and the Steam version doesn’t rely on Steam at all.

Amazing. Thank You. Thats great! Have a nice day.

Not really for me, weirdly enough. I either launch steam, or I can’t access it.

Which is a problem for when I don’t have internet and I’m turning on my Steam and it won’t let me even go on offline without internet to start

Are you using the beta, perhaps? That might be tied to Steam somehow, since that version is only available on Steam.

I’m using the regular version that I have on Steam and I launch it via a non-Steam shortcut and it runs fine even when Steam is off.

No, I have the full version

Weirdly enough, before I was able to use it without Steam for awhile, then I was stuck with Steam again