Calling a C function from Lua inside Aseprite?

I’m trying to call a C function from one of my scripts, and it seems that neither Lua’s require() or package.loadlib() functions work.

Is there any way to do this or am I just wasting my time?

The require() function + package module aren’t yet available, but it will be available in the next version as it was recently added for v1.3-rc3: [lua] Add require() function (fix aseprite/api#10) · aseprite/aseprite@1c6e583 · GitHub (some work is still needed to add security measures for package.loadlib)



Great work around for time being.

I use os.execute and io.popen pretty extensively, they don’t quite do what I need though in terms of running C directly. Websockets is by far the best way to communicate with other languages.