Can a function change/check a value set in another dialog?

I’m working on a sort of advanced gradient editor and palette generator script, and being able to visualize the individual colors with sliders and edit them this way, while not necessary, would help a ton.

The sliders are already set to local variables, and at the press of a button, I’m changing these variables. But the sliders don’t update.
I’m guessing there isn’t anything like “sliderId.value = 5” possible, that’d visualize the change?

Not entirely sure how variables are stored, but I’d also be okay with the widget reloading with the new variables, but despite my reverse engineering attempts of other scripts, I can’t get that to work, either.

there is id=string for almost all dialog elements including sliders: api/ at main · aseprite/api · GitHub
i don’t how - or if - that works to change sliders between different dialogs though.

you can try modify: api/ at main · aseprite/api · GitHub

Yes, the modify thingy comes closest to what I want to do, but it doesn’t change values…
Hmmh. I may end up using the dlg:color thingy, which makes the widget lose its diagnostics potential, but then again, the built in color sliders are better. I just wanted it all in one window.
I’ll still have to figure out how to modify the dlg:color…

I’ll also have to say goodbye to the concept of presets, because I don’t know how to change the options of a combobox.
I know there’s a way of saving and loading stuff using json files, but that makes things even more complicated.