Can anyone realize these are chef hats? :p

first stuff done with Asesprite. I drew some chef hats!!
also, does anyone know how to create a clipping in Ase like in Pts/or any similar solution? (so that I can only draw on what already had on that layer, like for shading…)

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Looks good, the one of the right is very much recognizable as a chef hat. The foremost red one is a little more ambiguous however, I think having the seam be lowered to make the poof bigger and having the folds larger might look better.

And for the shading, there is a shading brush type that lets you select a range of colours and lets you paint only on that specific range. I.e. you select a range consisting of white, grey, and black. You draw a circle in black, you draw with LC over the circle and grey will appear only in that circle you draw as if you masked it. Draw with LC again and the grey goes to white. Drawing with RC will of course shade white back to grey then black.

I hope this makes sense… :slight_smile:
Keep up the good work!

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I agree with @SmelliestElliot that the top right is definitely recognizable as a chef’s hat. Great job with the shading on the top, and in the creases! For the one on the left, however, the balconies break up the profile.

Consider moving the right balcony down to the place where the “poof” joins the cylinder, and maybe remove the balcony on the left entirely, but leave the window. Just a suggestion – I’m not great artist myself.

If you got rid of all of the color and were left with a solid black shape on a white background, would it look like a chef’s hat?