Can eboy style mini cities be made with this?

Hello… brand spankin new to this… I saw a poster by eboy and loved it ! I immediately started looking for tutorials on how to do this type of stuff… do ya think big stuff like that can be done here with aseprite? I’m assuming they didn’t make each individual building, car or person in one file… I’m thinking they made each one separately then later added each object to one big file for the final product … anyways aseprite good for eboy style? Or should I stick to photoshop? Also why photoshop, wouldnt illustrator be better? VECTOR

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Yes, you can make that type of work in Aseprite, and possibly more easily than in Photoshop. However, for VERY large scenes, it may be better to do the arranging in PS, I’ve heard Aseprite can struggle with very large files. I could be wrong though.

As for why not Illustrator - pixel art is an inherently raster style. And if you’re building your work on a grid of squares or rectangles anyway, you’re better off using a method that works best with those, i.e. raster. There’s nothing to be gained from faking pixels in vectors, since pixel art can be upscaled losslessly anyway.
Or, if you mean why not do those big city scenes with vectors rather than pixel art - you could, and some people do things similar to that! But that’s a different look that’s not striving to look like pixel art.