Can I change pixel size?

Hi all and thx in advance.

I want to make some pixel art (upscaled c64 sprites) where my sprite size would by 3 x the original c64 size making them 72 x 63 pixels.

I want to then draw with a pixel size of 6x3 actual pixels. I know I can make a brush that size and use a grid that size, but the brush does not ‘purely’ snap to grid.

Can I change the pixel size or get my new size brush only paint in grid squares?

Hi @Jason_Lugg,

If you make a 12 x 21 sprite, set its pixel aspect ratio to double-wide (2:1), then export it at 300% with apply pixel ratio set to true, you should get the dimensions you want, 72 x 63, without worrying about how snap-to-grid works.

You can set the pixel aspect ratio in one of two places: under the advanced section when you create a new sprite, or in the sprite’s properties. You can also set the pixel aspect ratio to non-standard sizes with a Lua script: app.activeSprite.pixelRatio = Size(6, 3). For the custom size, you wouldn’t have to upscale 300% on export. Details are in the scripting docs here.