Can I do non pixel artwork with Aseprite

Can I use Aseprite for non-pixel artwork?

You can, but it lacks a lot of the tools to make it convenient, and isn’t optimized for large high-colour files. For example, it’s a challenge to make an anti-alised brush, selections can’t be feathered or antialiased, the only non-pixel-friendly scaling option is Bilinear (and even that’s only available for scaling via Sprite Size, not for any other transformation)… This is all great for pixel art, but not ideal beyond that.

What you can do is work at a larger size with (usually pixel-sharp) brushes at arbitrary opacities to build non-pixel work. Smooth gradients are also available.

In short, non-pixel artwork is possible in Aseprite, but if you’re looking for a digital painting tool or a good photo editing tool, then you’ve definitely got the wrong program.

yup, as eishiya says. if you want a software for digital painting, check krita. it’s free.