Can I erase at random?

Im creating a starry night sky atm and I definitely overfilled my sky with stars. Is there a way to use the eraser tool or brush tool to clear out space at random in a swipe? Or to just reduce the amount of noise coming from this? Dont really want to go back and start it all over again lol

hmm, you may try to use spray tool with right click - as long as you have preferences set to paint with background colour for right click, it will get you somewhat random pattern (you might tweek tool options a bit, either set the spray width to low number or set it to higher number but very low speed).

Right-click won’t erase will it? The background behind the stars is changing constantly so I cant really do a colour. Would making a “colour with opacity 0” work the same as erasing?

yes, set your background colour to mask and it will act as eraser.

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