Can I make small pictures a larger size without them being blurry?

Everytime I export a single frame, it always comes out very small, of course, let’s say the size of the image is 32x32, but i wanna make it bigger. But when I do, let’s say 800x800, it turns into a blurry mess! I was wondering, is there any way to fix that or make a picture larger without it getting all blurry?

Hi @Rakk, to resize your images without becoming blurry you have two options:

  1. Use Sprite > Sprite Size option selecting the Nearest-neighbor interpolation method:

  2. Or you can use File > Export… menu to export your sprite into another file changing the “Resize” option:


Remember to save your exported sprite in an image format like .png or .gif (don’t use .jpg files).

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thanks, the second option helped!

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