Can I work on borderless fullscreen mode?

On CTRL+F I change to advanced mode, but I want to work on a simple borderless fullscreen, like, I’d imagine, any other software. Is it impossible?

No, sorry, the advanced mode is the closest you can get.

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That’s sad, but thanks for the reply. I saw a comment in Steam from 2016 where the dev talked about implementing it… I guess they need more time.

Hi there! Actually this feature is already implemented for v1.3-beta but I don’t want to release it on v1.2 to avoid some stability issues (the feature needs some adjustments yet).


I really appreciate the feedback, thanks! Can we expect it rather sooner than later? Maybe this year even? It’s something very minor, but it changes a whole lot the feeling of using Aseprite.

I work with everything dark themed and without this feature I have this white bar hurting my eyes every time I use the software.

There are downloadable custom themes, including dark theme, if thats your primary issue👍

I already use a dark theme. My primary issue is the white header above applications that do not provide real fullscreen, as I’ve already mentioned.