Can’t use Aseprite till computer is repaired, how to turn non-Aseprite files into aseprite?

I am currently using my iPad and for the first time I am getting a hang of its apps

Problem is I am not sure how to save them elsewhere or convert them

I am using Pixaki

I have other art apps like Pixel Studio

But I prefer Pixaki atm

How do I transfer elsewhere and convert as well as show what I have made on Pixaki here

I feel less Art Block whilst using it and an iPad feels more convenient and more like paper than my computer

So to my knowledge you cant unless you have aseprite. If you have a diffrent computer you could log in via your email (to humble bundle/steam/itch) and downloaded it, import the files into aseprite and then export them out

I think I found a way, gotta see if Pixaki converts to png and gif

That said, having problems with opening gif and png and pdf files

Especially the gifs, I want to use all three as reference images and don’t like constantly switching windows

Can’t pause gifs frame by frame on iPad either