Cannot change existing color


I just cant find any menu entry to modify a particular color

also I created a non indexed sprite, so why are all the colors having indexes ?

and if they have indexes, why cant I modify a color property, so it also updates colors in the sprite ?

this is all so confusing and counter intuitive


In an RGB document, the palette just serves as swatches, it does not control anything on your canvas. Changing the palette only affects the canvas in Indexed mode.

If you want to replace a colour in RGB mode without switching to Indexed mode, you can use the Paint Bucket Tool with the “Contiguous” option turned off.

Edit: There’s also a Replace Colour option in the Edit menu for modifying colours in your canvas.

ok but how do you edit an already existing color ?

the question mark button adds a color, I want to change an already added color

Can you clarify what you mean by that? If you want to change your swatches, then you just change them - make sure your palette is unlocked (the lock at the top should be open), click your swatch, and modify the colour as you wish.

If you want to modify the colour you just changed in an RGB document, then use the non-contiguous Paint Bucket Tool.

If you want to do both at the same time, then you need Indexed Mode, since in RGB mode, the palette and the canvas are independent.

this is so simple… you see the palette ? there are colors there , right ?
I want to edit/change the value of one color
I’ll add a screenshot

As I described above, click the colour and edit it. If your palette is unlocked, that will modify the entry.

arf sh… it was that cadenas thingy at the top,… ok my bad

one last question, why is there a white corner on some colors, and on other colors, the corner is black ?

The corner that appears on your selected colours is coloured either black or white depending on which would be more visible. Light colours get a black corner, dark colours get a white corner.

strange cos here it’s the other way around, and both colors are really close
[edit:ok it’s inverted, my bad]


thanks for your help