Cannot Close Aseprite or Save Sprite After Multiple Commands Cached

I am on the most recent version of Aseprite you can get from Steam. I don’t know how to check the exact version, my apologies. I don’t exactly know what I did wrong, but I think I accidentally pressed CNTRL+Click (I’m pretty sure I was going for CNTRL+Z), which took my entire sprite and allowed me to drag it wherever I wanted. I didn’t want to do that, however, so I clicked on the image selection tool because I thought that was the tool I was using. However, when I clicked on that, it gave me an error that read

A problem has occurred.
Cannot modify the sprite.
It is being used by another command.
Try again.

I click out of that console error window and it says

Internal details:
Message type: 13
Error state: class app::MovingSelectionState

That second one is another console error window, so I click out of that and I am back to my sprite. I cannot do anything else now, even force close Aesprite via ALT+F4 or save with CNTRL+S. It gives me the same two error windows. I think that specific bug may be due to the fact it is attempting to save my sprite, but since it can’t modify the sprite in any way, it forces an error. I’m pretty sure the bug is that it has multiple commands cached, which it seems Aseprite does not like at all, but I am not 100% sure. Just wanted to let y’all know.

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Yesz yes yes!!! I got the same problem here! Is annoying, but i think you can reverse it with the same command. Give it a try! I will try, but I hope Aseprite fixes that bug ASAP because is really annoying

@EricTheCleric hey found the solution, just cntrl-click again to get rid of it :smiley: it won’t stick to your mouse again and won’t show that error, letting you work again.