Cannot export layers with not-normal (i.e., subtract, multiply, etc.) modes


I have three layers:

  1. characters (the top-most layer),
  2. the mask, and
  3. the background.

I use the mask layer with “Subtract” mode to make the background layer darker to ensure that my characters are standing out from the background. (As otherwise they blend too much.) For this purpose, I use some masking color with alpha 255, but set the mask layer’s opacity to 128. It looks nice in the Aseprite. However, whenever I’m trying to export my sprite, I only see the characters and mask layer (solid color) instead of “combined” picture with properly darken background. And when I try to “merge” the layers, it also doesn’t do what I expected. I thought that it works somewhat similar to what one can do in the, e.g., Photoshop.

Could you please point me to some tutorial or the docs that describe how to properly use layer modes? I find this feature very handy for masking purposes, but somehow, it doesn’t work for me at the moment.

Thank you!

Please, check your Sprite → Color Mode. Is it RGB or Indexed? Combining layers dynamically would work in either mode, but merging requires adding new static colors, so it will greatly depend on sprite’s color mode.


@BraidAcer Yes, it was the indexed one! I changed it to the RGB mode, and now everything works! Thank you very much.