Cannot open Aseprite on macOS Catalina

Hey y’all, it seems as though I can’t open Aseprite on macOS Catalina. I could have sworn I’ve done it before on Catalina too, but now it just won’t-–it just says “the software needs to be updated, contact the developer for more information.” I’ve redownloaded it from Humble Bumble about three times now. I’m fearing that Aseprite is 32bit, which Catalina doesn’t support anymore. Although, I could have sworn that I’ve opened it while on Catalina before, so this shouldn’t be the issue…

Sigh… I just really want to finish this game I’m working on. Any help, anyone?

Hi @SkittlesBeats, could you please try to run Aseprite again on macOS Catalina? I’ve just notarized the v1.2.15 version just in case. If it doesn’t run, contact me at and I could send you a special stapled with the notarization ticket from Apple).