Cannot save using Aseprite on Fedora (Steam version)

Hello everyone,

I recently bought Aseprite from the official website. Since I am running Fedora Linux (version 30, but I will move to 31 when the new version comes out in a few weeks), i am using the Steam version.
Everytime I try to save some work, I get the same error:

Error saving file:
Cannot save file /home/myname/pictures/file.png in the given location

Do you guys have any idea on what is going on with my version ? By the way, is the development of an AppImage or Flatpak file a current project ? I would totally benefit from it since I’d rather not use Steam ^^

Thanks in advance ! :smile:

Hi @IdleTerry! I’ll take a look to this issue ASAP. Last time I remember Aseprite was working on Fedora. You can try to uncompress the .deb file and execute the usr/bin/aseprite file inside, it should work.


Thank you very much, your solution worked perfectly on my computer ! :smiley: