Cannote remove duplicate black color

I have a small palette, and black (RGB 0,0,0) is in there twice, at index 0 and elsewhere. I just want the black at index zero. I cannot even find where it’s used. I’ve tried using the eraser to remove the “bad” black (on every layer on every frame). I’ve tried replace multiple times. I’ve replaced the index black with red, visually verified there is no black on any cell of any frame, then had Aesprite recreate the pallete (and the 2nd black still shows up). And a few other techniques. But any time I have Aesprite recreate the palette, the 2nd black is still there. Any suggestions?

All “empty” palette entries are 0,0,0 (black). So if you want to get rid of them you will unfortunately have to re-arrange your palette entries to put all the blacks at the end (except the first one, since index-0 is the default transparency in indexed mode), then change the palette size to fit your colors by dragging the || at the end of the palette.

Ohhhh… I forgot that transparency is a color in the palette, assigned as black. I misunderstood. It was working the whole time. The “bad” black is actually the only black. Thanks!