Can't Change Theme [version 1.2.25-x64]

Version: 1.2.25-x64
Purchased: Humbebundle, tried both Steam version and directly installed to PC (currently using direct install version)
OS: Windows 10, build 19042.630, version 20H2, windows feature experience pack 120.2212.31.0

Hello, I just bought Aseprite via humblebundle and I’m having a problem with changing themes. It seems no matter what I change to (either one’s ive downloaded from github or ones that already exist like the Studio theme) nothing happens when I apply my changes. The screen flickers and then nothing happens after. I can install the themes just fine (I’ve done so via running the .extension files as well as loaded them in via .zip).

Here are the ones I’ve tried:

This has unfortunately been absolutely frustrating since I’ve been unable to find other posts that have solved the issue. Hoping someone knows whats going on. Thank you in advance!

Make sure you click the “Select” button, before you hit Apply after selecting the theme. Might not be the issue but I’ve seen it happen before.

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That did it! Wow, well I sure feel silly. Didn’t even notice the select button. Thank you very much for your time!

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You’re not silly, I was stuck like you. The select button has no sense as you already selected the theme with the mouse pointer and then click Apply. I mean in every software you do like this. Here the apply button is Useless. Just select the theme and click on “select”, then Ok. The select button should be renamed Apply and the Apply button should be removed. Cheers

apply button is to apply changes in settings and most, if not all, themes will tell you in ‘how to install’ what you should do.