Can't choose to not export animation in multiple files

I feel stupid reporting this because it feels like I’m just missing something here. I can’t seem to find anyway to “disagree” to exporting all frames as seperate images when saving as a .png. I’ve tried canceling and closing the notice, but it only leads to the image not saving. Checking the “Don’t show this alert again” doesn’t work either. I feel like there definitely should be a “disagree” option instead of the current cancel.

If you only want to export one image you need to select “Selected Frames” instead of “All Frames” in the Export dialogue.


I’m using the “save as” function and overwriting an already existing .png file, in my mind it shouldn’t default to exporting multiple frames when saving as .png.

Currently Save As only has one mode of saving. I recommend using Save As to save in the .aseprite format and using export for exporting animations or frames in other formats.

Ah, I see. Thanks!

I’m still a bit confused by the options of that prompt box though, seems like something that should be looked at. It doesn’t make sense to me to ask the user about an option that can’t be changed.

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2,5 years later and no fix?