Can't make tilemap from previously made tiles

I was sold on Aseprite from watching the tilemap workflow in this video

In that video, a tilemap is automatically constructed as he draws in new data. What I want to do instead is bring in my existing tiles (that I had made in photoshop, etc) and assign them to tilemap indexes so I can then push them around arbitrarily and construct something as if painting with pixels, but instead I’m painting with tiles.

I can’t figure out how to do this so if anyone can help it would be much appreciated.

Hi @Sleeper,

Welcome aboard.

Export the tiles from Photoshop in a file format that Aseprite recognizes; open the image in Aseprite v 1.3 beta; go to View > Grid > Grid Settings; set the grid to the tile dimensions; in the timeline, right click on the layer you want to convert to a tile set; in the context menu that pops up go to Convert To... > Tilemap. This will dice the layer up into a tile set for you.

Extra note:
To minimize the chance of any bugs, ensure that you either export from Photoshop with an SRGB color profile or convert to an SRGB color profile in Aseprite. You can check this in Aseprite by going to Sprite > Properties.



Great, thanks! All is good now, though I find the documentation a bit thin and things are a bit unintuitive coming from PS. Will probably just have to tinker around for a bit.

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