Can't pick the color I want

I’m trying to use the color picker in the bottom left to try out various shades of colors, but instead of changing from Shade-of-blue-A to Shade-of-blue-B the colors just come out as the next closest color in the palette I have set up. Even if it’s the default palette. For example, I might go from a light blue to a slightly darker blue, but when I draw, the ink is purple! If I then move it back to the light blue it goes back to that particular shade of light blue. Whereas before I could experiment with colors freely I’m now locked into a certain set of colors it seems.

Likewise, when I use the HSB editor, if I adjust the color I’m using a little bit, nothing changes. But if I adjust the color I’m using a lot if just snaps to the next closest color in the palette.

I don’t know what I did to mess this up and any help to fix it is appreciated!

Hi @GiantGough, I think you are using an Indexed sprite now. You can create a RGBA sprite to get the behavior you are expecting:

Or change your image type to RGB from Sprite > Color Mode > RGB Color menu.

There are some difference between each color mode, check the Color section of the documentation for a little more information about it.


Thanks! That seems to have done the trick. I’ll make sure to go through the documentation to prevent other problems.