Can't play animation in reverse or ping-pong mode(Resolved)

My aseprite version is 1.2.24.
I know how to add a loop or tag and select the direction to make it plays reverse or in ping-pong mode.
But it doesn’t work, it still play forward.(and the loop doesn’t work neither)
And guess what? when I click the play button on preview window, it works!???

I mean it just work in preview window. :sob:

It works for me so make sure you don’t have ignore tags on or something. You can find it by right clicking the play button.



Holy moly! How dumb I am :joy:
I Ignored tags……
Thk u bro :partying_face:, that did bothered me couple hours :persevere:

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To be fair it’s kind of hidden ^^

More tutorials about these features might be a nice thing for aseprite.