Canvas Lag (not just cursor, and only with mouse)

I’m dealing with the cursor lag issue, which is “fixed” by turning on the simple cursor (not really a fix, as I can’t use a feature I’d like to use). But on top of that, I have general canvas lag. When moving the canvas around, zooming in and out, resizing windows, etc. So now, my cursor is fine because of the workaround, but the rest of my canvas is still laggy.

I’m using a wacom one table, and interestingly enough, when I was having cursor lag with my mouse, my pen was still silky smooth. In fact, I just tested this after writing the previous sentence, if I use my mouse to move my canvas or layer on the canvas, I get horrible lag. If I use my pen to do it, it’s super smooth.

So, I’m assuming there are some serious mouse issues with Aseprite, which surprises me as I’d figure we’d see major tablet issues over mouse issues.

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Hi @darthbrumbledore, are you using Windows, macOS, or Linux? I think you are using the latest version of Aseprite (v1.2.29 or v1.3), what mouse do you have? (probably this issue is related to a high-frequency mouse).

Anyway there are a lot of performance-related issues that we want to fix in a near future.

Hi, thanks for the reply. I’m using MacOS and Aseprite 1.3 beta. If there’s a known issue with high frequency mice I bet I’m hitting that as I’m using a gaming mouse. I’ll try to swap them out to see if that makes things better. I did notice things were a little sluggish with the pen again last night, but nothing like with the mouse. I do not have a tablet options tab in my settings, and am assuming it’s just not in 1.3 again yet?

Hi, having the same issue,
macOS Monterey 12.1, Intel

Aseprite 1.3-beta10

Only with happens with my steel series (gaming) mouse after few minutes of usage.
If I move my track pad or my magic mouse around there’s no issue and everything is smooth, once I touch the mouse again it keeps lagging (on the same session).