Canvas resize space

Hello, a comment.
Suppose I have a 64x64 sprite and I reduce the canvas to 32x32.
5 minutes later I need more space on the canvas and I increase it again but … the added space is filled by the sprite that was 64x64 before.
That is to say, the new space is not empty, it is filled by the parts that I eliminated before reducing the canvas.
I think those parts should be removed by reducing the canvas, then by increasing it again, the new space should appear empty.

Hola, un comentario.
Supongamos que tengo un sprite de 64x64 y reduzco el canvas a 32x32.
5 minutos después necesito más espacio en el canvas y lo aumento de nuevo pero… el espacio añadido es rellenado por el sprite que ántes tenía 64x64.
Es decir, el espacio nuevo no está vacio, está rellenado por las partes que ántes eliminé al reducir el canvas.
Creo que esas partes deberían eliminarse al reducir el canvas, entonces al aumentarlo de nuevo, el nuevo espacio debe aparecer vacío.

Hi @SynthED, yeah, never solved this, there are some issues related to this:

I think Photoshop has an option to change the behavior depending on what you want. I think that the expected behavior would be that the area outside the canvas should be removed by default. (?)

If I remeber right from Photoshop this is intended behaviour. Reducing canvas is basically decreasing visible painting area, not the layer itself. Even on real paper you can extend painting out of final drawing. If you want to remove anything outside canvas then you need to crop it.

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Related to this, there is another issue: If you paste into Aseprite an image that is bigger than you actual canvas, that image is (always? sometimes?) cropped by the canvas limits automatically.

I’d really love to be able to have layers with images larger than the canvas, and also be able to crop a layer image to the canvas limits only when i want it. For example, by doing right click on layer (or cell) and then chosing “crop” from the dropdown menu.

Also, that “See cel content beyond sprite viewport” improvement would be really great! :slight_smile: