Canvas size quality problem

Hi! I’m new to Aseprite and I would like to ask if anyone knows about my problem. I always draw in 128x128 pixels and when i save it, it is so small, it looks weird and is of very bad quality when I try to upload it to Instagram. Should I make the size of the canvas bigger and then just crop it? Because I want to keep the one pixel brush and would not like to change it all the time. Thank you in advance to anyone that can help me! P.s. I have the latest version of Aseprite.

This isn’t an Aseprite problem, but a general challenge with posting pixel art on social media.

Instagram (and Twitter, Facebook, etc) upscales your art and makes it a blurry mess. You should keep working the way you have been, but then Export your work with a scale higher than 1x for posting to Instagam. I recommend aiming for a size that’s at least 1000px in the largest dimension, so for 128x128px you’ll want an 8x scale or more. This way, when you upload your work, it’ll be scaled down rather than up (or at least scaled up less), so it’ll appear sharper.

There’s no way on these services to keep your work at 1x and looking good, they’re just not made for presenting pixel art well.

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