Certain character sprites won't move on walkable areas

So, this is a new issue that two of my classmates are currently having. They’ve tested other sprites and they’ll move around on the walkable area but when they place these sprites into the map they won’t move. The player can still interact and the character will animate, but it won’t move from its position.

I do know that their sprites have a large empty space registered around them. Could this be the source of the issue?

Has anyone else seen an issue like this?

This is not an Aseprite question and is better directed at the community appropriate for whatever you’re building your game in. Aseprite is an image editor, and issues with what you do with those images outside of Aseprite is outside the scope of this forum - or at least this section. #help is for getting help with Aseprite itself.

If other characters can approach them and the animations are rendered correctly, then empty space around the sprites should not be a problem (unless the engine/game are set up in a very strange way xP). Look into the movement code assigned to the character, the problem is more likely to lie there.

If the characters are scripted and the sprites are assigned via the script, it’s possible that when you pasted in the file name for the sprites, you missed a closing quote somewhere, causing the rest of the script to not run. I think usually engines warn of such issues though.

You’re right! I had a super thoughtless moment, I meant to go to the AGS forums